This blog is designed for speech-language pathologists with a broader vision.

Join me as I seek knowledge and guidance from successful professionals with a background in speech-language pathology who are forces of change.

Be inspired and take the (speech) path less traveled!

The Purpose

Hi everyone! Welcome!

This is a blog about leadership, grit, and distinguishing yourself as a professional in the field of speech-language pathology (or wherever your path takes you!). This is a blog that harnesses insight from innovative professionals who have taken their education in speech, language, and hearing sciences to the next level.

This is a blog about the (speech) path less traveled.

What is the motivation? 

Well, I am early in my career as a speech-language pathologist. I earned my CCCs in May 2018 and I have SO Much to learn.

I’ve made it, right? After years of college, grad school, a thesis, internships, the CFY… I’m finally here.. a certified speech-language pathologist.

Yet, despite this hard work, and despite my love and passion for clinical work, I just feel like there is something more for me to offer the world. Something beyond the clinical sphere. Something unique. A path less traveled.

The motivation for this blog is to seek individuals who have used their background in speech-language pathology to do incredible things. Whether that be pursuing a career in research, opening a private practice, inventing new clinical technology, or even changing career paths entirely…my goal is to identify and interview these inspiring people.

If you are a young professional in the field of speech-language pathology, or even a seasoned clinician who is seeking a change, this blog is for you. I hope this brings inspiration, guidance, and motivation to be a force of positive change.

“If I have seen further than others, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” – Isaac Newton

The plan

Inspired by American entrepreneur, Tim Ferriss’s book and project, Tribe of Mentors, I will be reaching out to interesting professionals and asking them the same set of eight questions. Utilizing professional networking outlets (LinkedIn, the ASHA Leader) and personal connections, I have developed a list of potential, inspiring interviewees whom have chosen a unique career path.

I have reflected deeply on the questions, aiming to create a question set that taps into the mindsets, habits, beliefs, and adventures of those who inspire me. The questions will be delivered via email, as to allow each interviewee time to truly reflect and respond.

I hope to learn something new, be inspired, broaden my network, and find guidance as I embark on my own (speech) path here in Washington, DC.

The Question Set

  1. What advice would you give to a new graduate who is about to start their clinical fellowship (CF)?
  2. What is one belief, habit or routine that has significantly impacted your life?
  3. Where did you complete your CF? How does the career path you’ve traveled differ from the path you imagined as a new grad?
  4. What book do you most frequently recommend? Is there a book that has greatly impacted how you think?
  5. What is your favorite failure?
  6. What areas in the field of speech-language pathology do you see the most opportunity for growth?
  7. What are bad recommendations you hear in the field or in your area of expertise?
  8. What was a notable turning point or shift in your career? How did this impact your professional journey?

So, here goes nothing! Thanks for checking out the blog and I hope you find inspiration, too!